10 Travel Survival Tips: The Family Trip...

22nd Jul, 2009

I was saving this post for the holiday season, when the joy of hanging out with crazed relatives combined with egg nog and the birth of the savior make a festive trifecta. But…

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Bilingual Before the Age of 7? Check.

21st Jul, 2009

So, common knowledge is that if you try learning a language after puberty, you’re hosed. This makes high school foreign language requirements even more diabollically evil than previously imagined (Did…

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Traveling with Mom

19th Jul, 2009

I’m in San Diego for a week with my family – I’ll do a proper wrap-up when I get home, after I’m done eating my feelings and drinking away my…

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8 hours in Bled

14th Jul, 2009

I usually like to do “24 hours in … ” posts for the cities that I visit for only a day – but I want to abundantly clear on this…

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New Gmail feature allows you to travel...

12th Jul, 2009

Travel is awesome. Time travel is even awesomer. And, based on this email, is now possible through Gmail: (Click for a larger image.) I am totally freaking out right now.

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Random Musings About San Francisco

8th Jul, 2009

Last month’s Monterey also included a few days in San Francisco. Since it’s only a 1 1/2 hour flight, we go down to SF fairly often. As such, this is…

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A Note to the Rogue Brewery, San...

7th Jul, 2009

Just wanted to let you know, your bathroom signs are not at all helpful:

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Monterey Wine Tasting

Once, in ninth grade, I had to fake the results of a science project that I had woefully neglected. As a result, I found myself trying to recreate a journal…

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