Dick move, Knitting-needle Lady!

12th Aug, 2009

A few months ago, we flew back from Boston (and boy were our arms tired! No … seriously.…

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10 otherwise innocent things you shouldn’t say while on a plane

That’s da bomb! Got any coke? We’re really high! Who do I have to hijack to get a…

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Should we take a Liberty Helicopter tour in NYC?

11th Aug, 2009

Part of me thinks this is a no-brainer, but nevertheless, let’s chat about it, shall we? Some friends…

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The Best Lip Balms

10th Aug, 2009

There may be something wrong with me. I’ve accepted this (and if you’re still reading my blog, you…

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The Week in Travel

7th Aug, 2009

In travel news this week … The New York Times reported that most of us hate booking travel,…

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To Mr. Hughes, with love.

6th Aug, 2009

Not very long ago, my husband and I went to Chicago. It was at Oprah’s request, though we…

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Superfluous Travel Item I Need (Kinda): X-Ray Travel Bags

I saw this bag once and when I asked the hubby if I could have one, he emphatically…

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Ask the Everywhereist

Dear Everywhereist, How did you decide that “Everywhereist” should be spelled “Everywhereist” and not “Everywherist”? Are you ever…

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