What the hell are we doing in Roseburg, OR?

30th Sep, 2009

We headed down to Ashland a few weeks ago to celebrate our anniversary. On the way there, we…

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Dick Move, Stratford Inn

29th Sep, 2009

I’ll confess – I’m beginning to worry that roughly a quarter of all my posts are Dick Moves.…

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Bappity Boopy, and the art of fake languages.

28th Sep, 2009

I can’t quite remember when it started. It might have been when I first saw La Revista Di…

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Neurosis, from Newark to Norway

23rd Sep, 2009

Rand and I are on our way to Oslo, though by the time I post this, we’ll already…

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A letter to Hotel Deluxe, Portland, OR

22nd Sep, 2009

Dear Hotel Deluxe, I like you guys. A lot. I’m smitten over the old movie stills and quotes that line the…

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Dick Move, Petty Thieves of Belltown!

21st Sep, 2009

Dude. Duuuuuuuude. Seriously, I’m so effing angry/shocked/bemused, I’m having trouble writing this post. But I will write it.…

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The best piece of travel advice. Period.

16th Sep, 2009

On some level, I feel like I should apologize for this post. Because really, I’m in the sort…

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1 year ago today …

14th Sep, 2009

This happened: I am currently in Ashland, OR, celebrating. Posting will resume as usual (a.k.a., sporadically) on Wednesday.

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