Goog and The Coop, and other cultural enrichments

22nd Oct, 2009

The Guggenheim and the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum on New York’s Upper East Side don’t seem to get as…

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Because sometimes, we can all just get along.

21st Oct, 2009

This post was originally about 4 different “Dick Moves!” but that was good for no one, and particularly…

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John Stamos, Magnolia Cupcakes, and other deliciousness

20th Oct, 2009

The day that started with my trip to Roosevelt Island continued to be a good one. In fact,…

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The loneliness of Roosevelt Island, Manhattan

19th Oct, 2009

I have a bit of a  love/hate relationship going on with New York. There are times when I…

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10 things you absolutely must do in Oslo …

16th Oct, 2009

and filing bankruptcy isn’t one of them! YUK YUK YUK! Err … sorry. Clearly the promise I made…

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Eating in Norway: Lunch will be $128. Have a nice day.

15th Oct, 2009

Please excuse me if I am a bit more frugal than normal for the next few weeks. If…

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Dick Move, followed by Awesome Move (so now I don’t know what to do) Grims Grenka.

14th Oct, 2009

Sigh. So, as you might remember from yesterday’s post (because I not only pretend I have readers –…

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Grims Grenka Hotel, Oslo, Norway

13th Oct, 2009

— Note: I wrote this post last week, but like a fool, didn’t have access to the photos…

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