Remember me?

28th Dec, 2009

Okay, so it might be that I had completely intended to let you know about my holiday hiatus,…

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Just when I think I’m in …

21st Dec, 2009

… they pull┬áme back out. Rand and I are down in California, visiting my crazy family and trying…

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Chicago by Day

17th Dec, 2009

Last week, since Rand was busy with his conference (or “conference” as I used to put it before…

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Chicago, Millennium Park at night

16th Dec, 2009

When Rand and I flew into Chicago last week, it was frosty and freezing, and already dark. Those…

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The Only Commentary I Will Give on the Amanda Knox Case

15th Dec, 2009

I am going to be as diplomatic and non-judgemental as I can in this post. Which, knowing me,…

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Travel advice for visiting families

14th Dec, 2009

Dear, dear, well-meaning friends, I assume many of you will be traveling this holiday season, off to see…

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The Signature Room

11th Dec, 2009

When I told a few friends we were going to Chicago, the suggestion that kept popping up was…

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You know what, Stuart? I like you.

10th Dec, 2009

There are times when I miss having a nine-to-five job. Those moments are fleeting – like those rare…

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