Getting to the Presidio: Part 1

31st Aug, 2010

I have, on occasion, been known to get a idea stuck in my head, and no matter how crazy, random, scientifically inaccurate, or illogical, I cannot seem to shake it.…

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12 of the ugliest comfort shoes, ever

30th Aug, 2010

In my constant search for comfortable travel shoes, I am amazed by the number of heinously ugly options out there. If these shoes were horses, they would be shot, immediately.…

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The week in travel: August 27, 2010

27th Aug, 2010

I am having a serious case of those wistful, end-of-summer blues. Fortunately, there are a few sunny days left on the calendar to keep them at bay, a few trips…

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A Thursday update

26th Aug, 2010

Thanks to my eagle-eyed readers, who are able to not only identify themselves, but other things as well! – I learned some fascinating things this week. Remember how I freaked…

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San Francisco in summertime

“The coldest winter I’ve ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” – Mark Twain “Holy f*ck, it’s FREEZING.” – The Everywhereist Last week, we were waiting in line at…

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San Francisco and us: Then and now

25th Aug, 2010

I am always amazed when I rifle through old vacation photos. There are pictures of Rand and myself from only a few years ago, but, dear god, it might as…

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10 absolutely bat-shit crazy things I...

24th Aug, 2010

San Francisco is a weird town. Sometimes, I forget this. You visit enough times, and you begin to lose site of just how bizarre a place is. And my frame…

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Wait, you want what? From me?

23rd Aug, 2010

While we were down in San Francisco last week, we attended a charity event that a friend of ours was hosting. A lot of people in attendance at the event…

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The Week in Travel: August 20, 2010

20th Aug, 2010

Rand and I just flew into Seattle last night (boy are our arms etc., etc.) after a few days in San Francisco. It was a brief, crazy, somewhat exhausting trip…

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