Month: August 2010

Jamais vu? Oui oui!

Posted on
Aug 19, 2010

Folks, can I take a minute to praise the French? (Note: I have never been to France). They are responsible for such wonderful things as croissants, Pasteurization, and taking the entire month of August off for vacation. A lovely people, indeed. The French are also repsonsible for coining a term without which I would be seriously concerned…

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10 crazy things done for execs, in the name of travel

Posted on
Aug 18, 2010

– I just finished reading The Devil Wears Prada. I wasn’t all that impressed, by either the book itself or the supposedly heinous things that Andy, the protagonist, had to do to keep her high-powered boss, Miranda, happy. Most of the time, I simply furrowed my brow and wondered what all the fuss was about.…

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A pilgrimage to Kurt Cobain’s house

Posted on
Aug 16, 2010

I remember the day Kurt Cobain died. I was about to head to drama practice, wearing green sailor shorts, a black shirt (which still resides in my closet, despite being waaaay too small. I can’t bear to throw it away), and a little green vest. Kurt Loder broke the news on MTv. I distinctly remember thinking: Christine…

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The Week in Travel: August 13, 2010

Posted on
Aug 13, 2010

I just wrote that it was 2007 in the title of this post. I changed it, but seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I do this all the time. Also, if someone wants to discuss how it isn’t really mid-August, and this is just some weird conspiracy, I would be totally okay with that. I…

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Breaking the law, Italian style

Posted on
Aug 11, 2010

Note: My legal team has advised me to put a disclaimer at the beginning of this blog post, so here it is – this entry is in no way an admission of guilt, nor can it be admissible in court, because, um … it’s heresy or something. No, that’s not it. Oh, yeah, I remember…

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Dick Move, Jet Blue … passenger?

Posted on
Aug 10, 2010

Upon hearing about the Jet Blue fiasco of this week, I instantly began frothing at the mouth, as I usually do when travel-related Dick Moves! happen, and I have fodder for my blog. I’ve since wiped away the foam from my chin, but have maintained a healthy state of righteous indignation. Dick Move, Jet Blue…

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10 pictures from Venice, CA

Posted on
Aug 10, 2010

While Rand was once again showing off his public speaking skills (and meting out crazy doses of charm) I decided to roam around the city a bit. The only problem? Everything in L.A. is miles from everything else, nothing is within walking distance, and I didn’t feel like driving. Los Angeles is a terribly walking…

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On Instagram @theeverywhereist

  • The Shard is pretty neat.
  • London has gone full Blade Runner.
  • Not so bad.
  • My jeans look so damn cool after 6 hours at the ceramics studio.
  • 11 years. You have made my life what it is, Rand.
  • When you find out that @britneymuller has surreptitiously been taking photos of your butt on her phone.
Me: Why.
Her: Because it's perfect.
  • Hair toss, check my nails. Baby how you feeling? Thirty-nine as hell.
  • Me: You cannot go to sleep at 10pm EST.
Him: Watch me.
  • I didn't do nearly all that I set out to do today. But I had a lovely dinner thanks to this man and some excellent out of town guests. So perhaps the measure of a day isn't always about that damn checklist. (Maybe. Ask me again tomorrow when all the stress hits me. 🤔😅)
  • You can't expect things to look *exactly* like the picture in the cookbook. But sometimes they do anyway. #alisonroman #diningincookbook #diningin #cocoabananabread #instadesserts #baking

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