Visiting The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

22nd Sep, 2010

I am absolutely exhausted. It’s 10:40 at night as I type this, and I’m on the verge of…

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Not dead. Just very, very tired.

20th Sep, 2010

Folks, I have much to tell you. But right now, since I missed my weekly round-up on Friday,…

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Time together, far from home.

17th Sep, 2010

When I woke up this morning, my husband was curled up next to me. He even had even…

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10 reasons why you shouldn’t trash your hotel room out of revenge

16th Sep, 2010

- Note: While this was written on Monday night, I only just posted it now. Fear not –…

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A thank you letter to my husband

14th Sep, 2010

Dear Rand, I just wanted to say thanks. For waiting until I’ve photographed your food before you start…

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Eichler houses: Awesome, but not zombie-proof.

13th Sep, 2010

Rand and I are lucky: we have awesome friends. And while that statement should be a given from…

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The week in travel: September 10, 2010

10th Sep, 2010

It’s my first Friday after turning 30, and you know what? 30 is friggin awesome. I am absolutely…

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Horrific Temptations and the Golden Gate Bridge

9th Sep, 2010

I know, I know- you’ve heard enough about my crazy adventures getting to the Golden Gate Bridge, right?…

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