The permanence of family

25th Oct, 2010

When you’re a kid, familial roles seems permanent and immutable. You are one of the children, though you…

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The week in travel: October 22, 2010

22nd Oct, 2010

The world is a small place. A teeny tiny, ridiculously small place. You will find, on this great…

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24 minutes in Oakland and Cottage Grove, OR

21st Oct, 2010

My husband is a very safe driver. But sometimes, it is incredibly dangerous for him to be behind…

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The backstage tour at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

19th Oct, 2010

Folks, what I’m about to tell you may not apply to very many of you – it’s the…

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Bizarro Hillbilly Todd Malicoat

18th Oct, 2010

Let me begin with an apology. First, to all of you who came here looking for travel advice…

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The week in travel: Oct. 15, 2010

15th Oct, 2010

Seattle’s been inexplicably sunny this past week – so much so, that I actually started to forget what…

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10 photos from our Ashland anniversary trip

14th Oct, 2010

1. Cut-out decoration of a German man, Ashland Elks Lodge Oktoberfest. – 2. Contemplative statue, Lithia Park. -

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WTF Wednesday: GAH! Hide your children.

13th Oct, 2010

I have a lot of friends who make white van jokes. I mean, we all do, don’t we?…

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