WTF Wednesday: The Seattle Gum Wall

19th Jan, 2011

Recently, I met up with travel blogger (redacted), who was visiting Seattle with her mom. They were both…

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Traveling, honestly.

18th Jan, 2011

Years ago, my husband made a crucial mistake when speaking to my mother. He was honest. I know,…

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10 pics from Sofia, Bulgaria

17th Jan, 2011

View from our hotel. The black schmutz is a result of crap on the window. – – Some…

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Adventures in British Copywriting (Guest Post by Lara!)

Today’s guest post (the very first one of 2011) is by Lara, the enormously talented blogatrix behind Food…

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The Week: Jan. 14, 2011

14th Jan, 2011

2011, thus far, is full of contradictions. I don’t know what to make of it. A dozen days…

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Bulgaria, and Paris

12th Jan, 2011

I would be remiss if I wrote about Bulgaria and didn’t mention Paris. – Um, no. Not that…

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WTF Wednesday: the dogs of Sofia

I forgot to note something in my last post about Bulgaria. I discussed the good and the bad,…

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Bulgaria: the jury is still out

I tend to make rash decisions. And once I’ve made up my mind about something, there’s no changing…

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