10 Photos from Portland

10th Mar, 2011

Rand and I spent a few days in Portland last week. As we always do, we talked about…

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The Getty Center: Los Angeles in a different light

9th Mar, 2011

L.A. is not home to me. It never will be, never could be. It’s dry and sprawling, full…

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Taking the long way home.

8th Mar, 2011

I’ve been reading a lot about Italy lately, in anticipation of an upcoming trip. Blog posts from my…

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10 way to eat healthy while traveling (from a dessert lover)

7th Mar, 2011

Let’s talk about being healthy. (Cue sound of people getting up from their computers and stampeding towards the…

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The Week: March 4, 2011

4th Mar, 2011

I’ve been home for the last few weeks – okay, fine – just for the last week, but…

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10 Photos from our California trip

3rd Mar, 2011

Yesterday, I visited my mother at her home 20 minutes south of Seattle. As I left, I noticed…

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The best travel stories never told.

2nd Mar, 2011

There are the travel stories you can tell everyone. The people at the bus stop, your dentist, your…

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He was made for sunny days

1st Mar, 2011

And we never did stop talking and you still light up the room/ I was made for sunny…

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