Practically impractical.

31st May, 2011

They are four-inch-tall, rhinestone-studded confections. And they were probably a mistake. – And yet, I regret nothing. I…

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The Week: May 25, 2011

27th May, 2011

It is almost sunny today in Seattle. Given that this past spring has resembled (more or less) the…

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Hotel Raphael, Rome – a splurge, and well worth it.

26th May, 2011

In the wake of a few miserable hotel stays, Rand has hit his limit. He has, apparently, had…

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WTF Wednesday: Messing with Rand (a short play)

25th May, 2011

My husband is a lovely and trusting soul. He has this persistent and annoying belief that humans are…

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10 photos from Rome

24th May, 2011

I feel like Billy Pilgrim: I have come unstuck in time. A friend asked me where exactly I…

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Thin-soled running shoes, reviewed.

23rd May, 2011

For the last few years, I’ve resisted taking tennis shoes with me on trips. I figured there was…

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The Week: May 20, 2011

20th May, 2011

It’s been weeks since I’ve posted a Friday round-up, and for that I am sorry. I am sure…

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Dick Move, Inconsiderate Window Seat Guy

On our last trip back from Europe, we were unfortunate enough to discover the one thing that could…

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