Naughty thoughts in Italy.

17th May, 2011

I saw this sketch in a little kiosk that sold old maps, postcards, and prints in the center…

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A little tenderness, for Japan

12th May, 2011

There are times, when I travel, that I see behavior that makes me want to scream. Like yesterday…

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WTF Wednesday: Most. Complicated. Shower. Ever.

11th May, 2011

Italian interior design hurts my brain. You’d think that for a country so well-known for its clothing, the…

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10 photos from San Marino

10th May, 2011

To follow up on yesterday’s ten facts about San Marino, I decided to add some visuals of our…

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about San Marino …

9th May, 2011

… but never asked (mostly because you had never heard of it before). – During our last trip…

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How my mother made me a better traveler

5th May, 2011

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and I couldn’t think of a better way of celebrating than…

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WTF Wednesday: Italian TV

4th May, 2011

TV outside of the U.S. is such a treasure. After spending the whole day roaming around a foreign…

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The Must-Eat List: Italy

3rd May, 2011

A while back (it seems a lifetime ago), Rand and I were sitting in the living room of…

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