The Week: September 30, 2011

30th Sep, 2011

It’s Friday, I’m home, and it’s SUNNY OUT in Seattle. If my skin wasn’t breaking out while I…

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The Donut Whole, Wichita, Kansas.

29th Sep, 2011

It’s with a bit of guilt that I tell you about the Donut Whole in Wichita, Kansas. I…

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7 Home Remedies for Damn Itchy Bug and Mosquito Bites

Hi – I’m back! Forgive the lag in blogging. I blame Peru. That place is magical. I’ve loads…

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Bogey’s Shakes, Hutchinson, Kansas.

26th Sep, 2011

Rand once told me that people are happier when they’re given fewer choices. He’d read an article on…

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The Week: September 23, 2011

23rd Sep, 2011

Summer is officially over. In Seattle the rain has started to fall, and I’ve already taken out my…

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Happy Birthday, Edward

21st Sep, 2011

A message to my bro, on his (AGE REDACTED) birthday; Remember how mom used to make us celebrate…

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The Kansas Underground Salt Museum: Part 2

Open some windows, turn on some bright lights, and get ready for the exciting, claustrophobia-inducing conclusion of my…

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The Kansas Underground Salt Museum, Part 1

20th Sep, 2011

Note: This post was shaping up at over 2,000 words, which is just CRAZY PANTS. I think that’s…

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