WTF Weds: Frozen Chickens, Crossing the Road

29th Feb, 2012

I know it’s not *technically* Wednesday, but yesterday was Leap Day, so that threw me off schedule. Plus,…

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Groundhog Day, British Airways, and a Gift of 24 Hours.

- “There is never enough time,” Rand is fond of telling me, and I nod in agreement. It…

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Tuesday Reverie: Cultural Relativism … and Puppies!

28th Feb, 2012

I used to think that my father’s pug was clinically insane. Then I decided that I was being…

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The Mercat Sant Josep de La Boqueria, Barcelona, Spain.

27th Feb, 2012

- I am occasionally faced with a temptation that I, fortunately, have yet to act upon. My husband…

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Food Porn Friday: Bubo Chocolatier and Dessert Shop, Barcelona

24th Feb, 2012

- People are constantly marveling at my sense of sense of smell, which I find rather amusing. I…

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12 Signs from Portland

23rd Feb, 2012

Rand and I are heading to Portland soon. We haven’t been there since the end of last summer,…

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WTF Wednesday: Arizona and Daylight Savings

22nd Feb, 2012

Cram some plutonium into your flux capacitators, kids, because today’s WTF Wednesday is going to require some serious…

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Tuesday Reverie: Why Edward Can’t Use my Camera

21st Feb, 2012

I like to describe my brother as a triple threat: he’s an actor. And an asshole. And he’s…

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