The Week: March 30, 2012

30th Mar, 2012

Whoo hoo! It’s Friday, the sun is shining in my part of the world, the day is beautiful,…

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The Wasps of Howard Prairie Lake, Oregon

29th Mar, 2012

Southern Oregon is idyllic. – It’s also the site of one of the most horrific things I’ve ever…

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WTF Wednesday: Felix Gonzalez-Torres at the MoMA

28th Mar, 2012

- Rand and I walked through the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, holding hands. It was early…

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The Beauty and the Beast in New York

27th Mar, 2012

I dreamed of New York for years before I actually made it there. And when I was fortunate…

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The Definitive Guide to the British Museum, London

26th Mar, 2012

For years, The British Museum in London was like a book I’ve cracked open a dozen times, but…

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The Week: March 23, 2012

23rd Mar, 2012

Though the current weather and the week’s forecast seem to disagree, spring is here. I can’t help but…

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Ruminations Over Five Pesos

22nd Mar, 2012

- – On a bright September morning, I sat in a small cafe in the Barcelona Airport,┬ástaring at…

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Where the heck are we? (And other important questions.)

- There are mornings when I wake up, and haven’t the foggiest idea of where I am. This…

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