My 55 best travel tips

30th Apr, 2012

It is almost May. I’m slightly alarmed by this. Not just because the year is zipping by, and…

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Food Porn Friday: Brunch at The Woodsman Tavern, Portland

27th Apr, 2012

- We weren’t cool enough for The Woodsman Tavern, and we knew it. We’d found ourselves at the…

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Anatomy of a Souvenir: Little bird in a metal cage, Garmisch

- I’m not big on souvenirs. At least, not in the traditional sense.┬áRand and I are on the…

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WTF Wednesday: Some Serious Oversights at the Deutsche Museum, Munich

25th Apr, 2012

Dear Deutsche Museum, I like you, I really do. You are at the top of my list of…

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8 Totally Innocuous German Words That Make Me Giggle.

23rd Apr, 2012

When I was ten or eleven, my mother took my brother and me to see Universal Soldier in…

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The Miserable Life of Anton, a Bavarian Pug.

This is Anton. – Anton’s life is miserable.

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The Week: April 20, 2012

20th Apr, 2012

Folks, it’s the 20th of March April. Yup. It’s 4-20. While I’m sure many of you are celebrating…

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Food Porn Friday: Pok Pok Thai Restaurant, Portland

- Pok Pok, for a lot of people in the northwest, is probably old news. When I first…

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