WTF Wednesday: Disappointment on Knightrider Street

23rd May, 2012

Look, London, I don’t ask for much (“Yeah, right.” – my husband). I expect my tea to be…

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The Theo Chocolate Factory Tour, Seattle, Washington

21st May, 2012

- I have a confession. It’s kind of a doozy. Are you ready? Here goes … I don’t…

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Where to Shop in Munich: Dallmayr, Manufactum, and Viktualienmarkt

- I’m not a big shopper. Hold on just a sec, will you? My husband is reading over…

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The Week: May 18th, 2012

18th May, 2012

Not only is today the birthday of someone close to me, but it also the anniversary of the…

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A Quick Spanish Lesson for My Husband

17th May, 2012

My darling husband has a slightly inflated impression of my foreign language abilities. A haggling session in Cuzco…

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Banksy in Borough Market

Recently, I saw my first Banksy. Despite all the trips I’ve taken to London, I’ve managed to miss…

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Everything You Need to Know About the New TSA PreCheck Program

16th May, 2012

- I am not a gambler. Should there be any doubts of this, note that I was in…

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It was bound to happen. Rand and I take a lot of photos. But this is basically like…

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