4 months.

31st Oct, 2012

Sunday was a landmark of sorts, and it passed without me realizing it. That, I suppose, was most…

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Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, Dublin, Ireland

30th Oct, 2012

- I was going to write about The Troubles today, but just thinking about doing so after yesterday’s…

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A Not-So-Brief History of Ireland

29th Oct, 2012

- If my recent posts have seemed more pithy than usual, it is because I am skirting around…

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The Week: October 26, 2012

26th Oct, 2012

I did not bring my A-game this week. I mean, unless my A-game involves feeling sick and throwing…

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The Revenge of Date Night

25th Oct, 2012

(My apologies for the gap in posting. I had intended to get up several blog posts yesterday, but…

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Made in Belfast Restaurant, Northern Ireland

21st Oct, 2012

- We walked right by Made in Belfast, and didn’t even realize it. “I know exactly where it…

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The Week: October 19, 2012

19th Oct, 2012

I am nearly over my cold, but still pouting at the fact that I missed out on meeting…

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WTF Weds: European showers, revisited.

17th Oct, 2012

Sometimes my mother will say or do something so strange or utterly clueless, that all I can do…

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