The Week: December 22, 2012

22nd Dec, 2012

It is three days until Christmas. CHRISTMAS. There is just over a week left in 2012. This has…

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24 Tips for Visiting an Italian Family

19th Dec, 2012

Sometimes, I take for granted how much my husband puts up with. – Indeed, that might be the…

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Skinflint Pizza, Dublin, Ireland

18th Dec, 2012

- I’d never heard the term “skinflint” before visiting Dublin. Truth be told, it sounds rather dirty. Like,…

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Rounding a Corner in Dublin …

17th Dec, 2012

Walking down a crowded street on a rainy night in Dublin, we heard the distinct sounds of people…

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Crackbird Restaurant, Dublin, Ireland

- I walked into Crackbird with a bit of trepidation. It’s an immensely popular restaurant in Dublin, and…

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The Week: December 14, 2012

14th Dec, 2012

I HAVE HOLIDAY SHOPPING TO DO. Please excuse me while I go freak out. Christmas is in 11…

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WTF Weds: The Urban Outfitters Holiday Catalog

12th Dec, 2012

  – Apparently a lot of folks are currently outraged at Urban Outfitters for their most recent catalog,…

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Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland

10th Dec, 2012

- Are you tired of hearing about Ireland? Truth be told, I thought I’d be done by now.…

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