An Update on The Music Stand, Little Museum of Dublin

15th Jan, 2013

- I love the internet. I suppose that’s not the most revelatory statement I’ve ever made. It’s probably…

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The Milwaukee Cupcake Company, Milwaukee, WI

13th Jan, 2013

- Do you ever have moments of extreme clarity? I’m not referring to those times when the skies…

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The Week: January 11, 2013

11th Jan, 2013

It is so bright in my office (what is this thing that’s happening right now? Sun … shine?…

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Ninja Poltergeists and Forgotten Photos

- I’m a bit of an organizational freak. Some of you, especially those who have spent any amount…

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Queen of Tarts, Dublin, Ireland

9th Jan, 2013

- After my brain surgery, I had trouble accepting that I was unchanged. “Do I seem different?” I…

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Kilmainham Gaol (Jail), Dublin, Ireland

7th Jan, 2013

- I was talking recently with some friends, and they were telling me about a new phenomenon in…

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The Little Museum of Dublin, Ireland

4th Jan, 2013

  – I was recently talking to someone close to me about marriage. She told me about Buddhism,…

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