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Mar 21, 2017
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Long time readers of the blog (hello, weirdos! I love you!) will probably notice that things look a little different around here. I’ve just relaunched the blog, which was redesigned and built by the fantastic team at The Medium.

If you’ve never had to redesign a blog, I’ll tell you truthfully: it’s normally not a fun process. I’ve been pretty lucky in the past, and have had a chance to work with awesome people, but inevitably there is some confusion and hurt feelings because HTML stresses me out. Working with The Medium, though, has been a joy from beginning to end. They dealt with my neurotic emails at all hours, they dealt with Rand and I being unresponsive because we were on the road or in a food coma, they dealt with the difficulties of working with a client who barely understands how the internet works (“Magic?” – me.) They were also really awesome when I dropped off the planet for a few weeks after my dad died.

And they created something beautiful, in spite of all of that. The new blog design takes a lot of elements and inspiration from the cover of my upcoming book, All Over The Place

Also, yes, I talk about my book a lot because it’s sort of a big deal to me right now.

But the designers at The Medium didn’t simply pull icons from the book jacket – they made a couple of their own. I was particularly giggly over this one:


You guys. HOW ADORABLE IS CARTOON GERALDINE? I mean, I’m thirty-COUGH-COUGH-years old and I still get so flipping excited over drawings of myself.

The new site follows much of the same architecture as the old one, so navigating it shouldn’t be too much of an adjustment for you Everywhereist veterans. The biggest difference is that there are a ton of call-outs for the book (which, by the way, is on sale at Amazon right now for almost half price. Maybe consider picking up a copy or twelve? It’s never too early to start shopping for Arbor Day gifts.)

I haven’t checked through the entire site, so if anything looks weird, let me know. And if you want to see more work from the folks at The Medium (who have not asked me to write a post about them but I am anyway because they are AWESOME- HI, LISA, VINNY, AND JACQUI), you can check out their portfolio here.


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  • congratulations all of you – I redid a blog last year and it was very stressful! Not because of my as-awesome-as-The-Medium web person, but because it meant making decisions… This looks great. Mel xx

  • JoAnna

    The new design looks wonderful! Congrats Geraldine!

  • I’ve been loving the new look! The portrait is awesome!

  • Love the drawing of you! I like the expression on your face hahaha 🙂

  • Lovely redesign, and extra-lovely cartoon self!

    Oh man, that reminds me, back.. oh jeez, 12 years ago?! that can’t be right. How long have I been blogging, MY GOD?! Ahem. Anyway, one of my friends illustrated a story for me and cartoonified 12 year old Alice. It was also awesome.

  • Maya Kilpadi

    Love the new look! Also, now your blog’s favicon is so much like Eater’s and I love that coincidence 🙂

  • Rockpaperscissorslizardspock

    Long time reader here and I like the redesign – though they always take getting used to. I hate it when i don’t know where to click for the newest post, as long as that’s obvious, I’m good. Anyway, I disappeared for a few months because I’m battling a nasty case of PPD so I missed everything with your dad. So let me say now that I am so sorry for your loss. I think it’s one of those things that stays with you forever, the grief just changes shape and strength over time… but it’s always there. But you can handle anything so I’m not worried. Love everything, as always!

  • Neha Mirashi

    Why is your book not available for pre order in India?

  • Karen Brady Gravatt

    I stumbled across your blog after reading your Paleo post. I pre ordered your book without reading another thing. Thanks for the smiles and I look forward to following you.

  • Love the new look and have pre-ordered the book!

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