While traveling in Scotland, I saw this ad on a bus, and laughed my ass off for 10 minutes (I still have plenty of ass left. Don’t worry):

They seem to have a preference for one of the actors ...

They seem to have a preference for one of the actors ...


Which, of course, prompted this exchange …

Me: It makes total sense that they’d glorify their own countrymen over American actors. I mean, it’s not like there’s a ton of Scottish stars who make it big in the U.S. There’s Sean Connery, and Pierce Brosnan and -

Rand: Pierce Brosnan’s Irish, not Scottish.

Me: What’s the difference again?

Rand: I’m not talking to you any more.


So, since my husband’s not talking to me, I’ll ask you …

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  1. 22. Apr, 2010 / Trisha Miller:

    Here’s the difference: Scottish guys like to drink a lot and fight, and Irish guys like to…..uh…okay there really is no difference.

    But aren’t they both just adorable?


  2. 22. Apr, 2010 / Everywhereist:



  3. 23. Apr, 2010 / Candice:

    I’d do ‘em.


  4. 23. Apr, 2010 / randfish:

    Still not talking to you.


  5. 29. Apr, 2010 / Cornelius Aesop:

    Scots have red kilts and Irish have green ones and they spell whiskey/whisky differently Gosh not that hard! :-)


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