Bono, A Dinner in Dublin, And a Story I Wish Was Mine to Tell

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Mar 24, 2015
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This story is not mine, and regrettably, I can’t remember who it does belong to. We were in a crowded bar in Dublin when we first heard it, and Rand and I hung on every word. In a month when I’ve shared so many of my old stories, it seemed time to share someone else’s.

The Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin.

Forgive me, as the details are sparse, and names are non-existent. If you know the people who can claim this story … well, they’ve got a great one to tell.

A happily married man and woman (friends of the gentleman who spun this yarn for us in a noisy pub) were out to dinner at a posh restaurant in Dublin, celebrating a noteworthy anniversary. At a nearby table was Bono – yes, the Bono, so salient in pop culture that no last name or addendum are needed – dining with a friend. A longtime fan of his, the woman was suitably starstruck. She wanted to say something, but was overcome with nerves and shyness.

This photo is referring to Guinness, but it felt appropriate.

At some point, Bono left the table (I think he was a friend of the chef’s, and went to chat with the kitchen crew) and the woman’s husband delicately approached Bono’s friend and dinner date, explaining the situation. His wife was a huge fan – did he think Bono would mind a few photos?

The gentleman – an American – said that he would check with him. When Bono returned to table, he and his friend had a brief conversation, and soon called the woman over. The friend took a few photos, the woman was elated. Another layer of magic added to their anniversary dinner.

By the time the married couple had finished their meal, Bono and his friend had already left the restaurant. They asked their server for the check, and he explained that it had already been taken care of.

“Did Bono cover our meal?” the gentleman asked, incredulous.

“No,” the server replied. “Mr. Springsteen did.”

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  • Saliha

    heard this story many times, still amusing

  • Josephine Robertson

    Love it!

  • C Dao

    Ah, the old SpringsteenBonoCookaboo.

  • Jerusha

    I had not heard this one before… I really really hope it’s true!! So awesome.

  • I have a Springsteen story. My husband and I are fans. I grew up on the Jersey shore very near Asbury Park. Knowing this, my aunt and uncle were eating out and heard Bruce was in the private room (they knew nothing about him, other than my stories). My aunt, not shy, went in to ask for an autograph. He replied that he didn’t sign anything while he was eating but would join her later at her table.

    As my aunt and uncle were laughing about this obvious diss, across the restaurant walks Bruce Springsteen. They talked for a long time, had a lot of shared memories (my uncle lived next door to where Bruce practiced as a kid, etc.). He signed the menu to my husband and me before he left.

  • I’ve heard that one before! I can’t remember where, but I’m Irish 🙂

  • Rolandia Travel

    This is amazing! 🙂

  • This is amazing! And reaffirms my love for Bono (and Springsteen). Sadly, the Edge was not as kind to me when I met him in Dublin in 2003—but that could be because I had just caused him to crash his car (oops).

    • everywhereist

      Girl, you need to elaborate. Seriously.

  • Kia

    Hi Geraldine,

    I posted your awesome story to (with link back to here). I hope you don’t mind. Please tell me if you do and I’ll delete my answer.


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