What to do in Portland? Eat.

22nd Mar, 2011

While down in Portland a few weeks ago, I met the lovely Jessica from WhyGoItaly. I can easily…

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10 way to eat healthy while traveling (from a dessert lover)

7th Mar, 2011

Let’s talk about being healthy. (Cue sound of people getting up from their computers and stampeding towards the…

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February 15th: The most romantic night, ever.

15th Feb, 2011

Dinner reservations have been made. I rummaged through my closet, pulled out an array of dresses, tossed half…

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Unhappy with your hotel room? Grab your camera.

14th Feb, 2011

The nice thing about the amount that Rand and I travel is that it’s made me less fussy…

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Getting to downtown Sofia: Part 2

26th Jan, 2011

I feel like, in my honest account of Sofia, I’ve been a bit hard on the town. This…

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Everything you need to know about catching a taxi in Bulgaria.

6th Jan, 2011

Sometimes, you get taken for a ride, in every respect. I’ll be honest: when Rand and I first…

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Dick Move, Plaza Inn and Suites at Ashland Creek

28th Sep, 2010

I’ve been alluding to the experience of which I’m about to tell you for a while now. And…

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Geeking out at the Sci-Fi Museum

27th Sep, 2010

My friend Lauren came up to see me a few weeks ago for my birthday. She hopped on…

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