Embers Restaurant, and the Most Wonderful Toilet in the World.

20th Feb, 2015

Later, when we talked about that dinner, we spoke with reverence of many things. The sky. The lanterns.…

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The Everywhereist on FYI’s Inspired

6th Oct, 2014

  When my first boyfriend ever broke up with me (over the phone, on a school night, while…

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The Day I Learned I’m Not Afraid of Elephants

18th Aug, 2014

I’m afraid of many things. I blame my mother.   She was utterly convinced, from the time I…

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WTF Weds: The Coolest Guy I’ll Probably Ever See, Niland, CA

6th Feb, 2014

I know it isn’t Wednesday – I didn’t blog yesterday because I spent the entire morning and part…

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Exploring the Outer Reef, Part 2: Snorkeling

23rd May, 2013

Today’s post is the exciting conclusion of our snorkeling adventures on the Outer Reef. Don’t forget to read…

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Exploring the Outer Reef, Part 1: The Flight

21st May, 2013

- The other day, I botched a batch of homemade cookies that I had been making for get-together…

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Evening Nature Drives, Bushman’s Kloof, South Africa

25th Mar, 2013

- When I first starting dating Rand, during my junior year of college (for those of you keeping…

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Cave Paintings, Hikes, And Mornings at The Kloof

18th Mar, 2013

- In high school, I had to be at school by 7:25. IN THE MORNING. I know, I…

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