More Places to Shop in Munich, Germany

7th May, 2014

  As an American, it’s often weird going to Europe, because their consumer culture isn’t anywhere near what…

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New Food Loves in Munich: Cafe Frischhut and The Bratwurstherzl

21st Apr, 2014

It’s a little distressful when your favorite restaurant in Munich topples from the pedestal on which you’ve placed…

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“Dear Boston” Marathon Memorial, Boston Public Library

17th Apr, 2014

I was in Boston a little more than a week ago. It was a brief trip – two…

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The Rathaus Galerie Kunsthalle, Munich

15th Apr, 2014

I’ve been to Munich so many times that I’ve started to take the city for granted. I’ve somehow…

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Glyptothek Sculpture Museum, Munich, Germany

14th Apr, 2014

- Hi. Remember me? I know, I know. It’s been a while. Given how regularly I blog, I’ve…

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10 Signs From Vancouver and Bowen Island

4th Apr, 2014

Rand and I have been on the road for a little while, so blog content has been a…

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The Old Milwaukee Brewery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

26th Mar, 2014

If my recent posts seem anachronistic, there’s good reason: they are.┬áRand and I are on the road for…

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Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin

25th Mar, 2014

If this posts seems anachronistic, there’s good reason: it is.┬áRand and I are on the road for a…

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