Moving on … (Dick Move, Landlord)

25th Mar, 2011

When we got back from Europe this past weekend, I had hoped to spend this week blogging. It’s…

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Dick Move, Air France

21st Mar, 2011

Misery, thy name is Air France. Rand and I are home after a long trip to Europe, a…

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Dick Move, TSA (R.I.P. Rand’s laptop)

16th Feb, 2011

- I’d like to take a few moments to remember, with extreme fondness, Rand’s dear departed laptop. It…

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Dick Move, Plaza Inn and Suites at Ashland Creek

28th Sep, 2010

I’ve been alluding to the experience of which I’m about to tell you for a while now. And…

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An open letter to the Seattle Center

12th Aug, 2010

Dear Seattle Center; Okay, I admit it: I’m officially worried about you. This post was going to be…

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Dick Move, Jet Blue … passenger?

10th Aug, 2010

Upon hearing about the Jet Blue fiasco of this week, I instantly began frothing at the mouth, as…

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Dick Move, 1st Class A-hole

27th Jul, 2010

Forgive me for getting straight to the point on this one. But here’s my shouldn’t-be-at-all-shocking-but-nevertheless-is revelation: First Class…

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Dick Move, then forgiveness, at the Space Needle.

30th Jun, 2010

My friend Desiree came in to town from Florida a few weeks ago, and among the many activities…

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