WTF Weds: Durian. Ugh. Durian.

23rd Jul, 2014

I would like to take a moment to talk about durian. I have to. I have spent the larger part of the morning working on a post about the Khmer…

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Taverna Buonvicino, Amalfi, Italy

3rd Jul, 2014

  It is very, very hard to find a good, reasonably priced meal in Amalfi. Most places we went to were subpar. They could afford to be – they’d have…

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Ristorante Max, Positano, Italy

25th Jun, 2014

  We should have learned from our experience back in Frigento that Google Maps could not be trusted in Southern Italy, but it was around the time we reached Positano…

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Breakfast at Hotel Santa Caterina,...

23rd Jun, 2014

This was the interior dining room at the Hotel Santa Caterina. We ate breakfast here only once, when a light rain was falling.

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Trattoria Cumpa Cosimo, Ravello, Italy

16th Jun, 2014

Italian lunchtimes proved difficult for us. Jet lag meant we weren’t hungry until 3 pm or so, and by then, everything was closed. So we spent most afternoons wandering around…

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Pranzo in Italy

26th May, 2014

I suppose I should have warned Rand.   Honestly, though, I thought he knew. That is why I didn’t lean over and whisper, “Pace yourself. There are four more courses…

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Bavarian Honey

22nd Apr, 2014

The first time I saw this thing outside my dad’s house, I sort of snickered. – I remember staring at it, thinking, “Good heavens, that’s just awful. Whatever it is.”…

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Serratto Restaurant, Portland, OR....

10th Mar, 2014

Things never seem to turn out how I imagine they will. I don’t know if it’s because my expectations are too lofty, or if they aren’t lofty enough. But on…

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Blue Star Donuts, Portland, OR

5th Mar, 2014

My apologies for the quality of images in this post. Many of them were taken with my cell phone, because I was too busy eating to be bothered with my…

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