Back from Australia

4th Sep, 2014

Hi! Remember me? I know, I know – I promised I’d write two or three times a week and…

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Working on the Book; Stuff’s Gonna Get a Little Quiet Around Here

6th Aug, 2014

I’ve realized something: I can only write for so many hours a week.   This has been a…

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I Mustache For Your Patience

16th Jul, 2014

I’ve been slacking lately on the blog. I’m sorry about that. Balancing travel, home, life, the blog, and…

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Back from Asia

10th Jul, 2014

You know that part in The Princess Bride where Wesley has just become reanimated after being “mostly dead”…

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I’m Going to Asia. Today. Wait, What?

20th Jun, 2014

It’s occurred to me that I’m not the best communicator. It’s not that I don’t communicate, mind you.…

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Why I Won’t Be Going on Sponsored Trips

17th Feb, 2014

… but it’s cool if other people do.  I spent the whole weekend thinking about sponsored trips and…

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Should I Accept Sponsored Trips?

14th Feb, 2014

Hi guys! I’m dealing with an ethical quandary, and I’d love your help. I’ve recently received some awesome…

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10 Photos From The Sydney Fish Market

21st Jun, 2013

I have exciting news. Okay, maybe it’s not that exciting. I mean, I think it’s pretty great news,…

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