12 Ways Seahawks Fans Can Deal With Their All-Consuming Misery Right Now

2nd Feb, 2015

Friends, Seattleites, Pac NW Countrymen, lend me your ears! … Today kinda sucks, huh?   For some of…

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Scenes From a Floating Village, Cambodia

15th Sep, 2014

I’m sitting here in a chilly, air-conditioned San Diego hotel room, thinking about home. I haven’t quite figured…

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Scenes From Ravello, Italy

17th Jun, 2014

I may have given you the impression that the only thing to see in Ravello is the Villa…

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10 Photos from Germany: Seeshaupt and the Starnberger See

12th May, 2014

On our last morning in Germany, we went to Seeshaupt. I was absolutely not drunk, but some of my…

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Southern Italy: A Photo Preview

9th Apr, 2014

Rand and I got home last night. Since we landed, I’ve been waging a losing battle against jet-lag.…

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Bavaria: A Photo Preview

7th Apr, 2014

Helloooo from … the east coast of the United States? Yeah, that sounds about right. It’s presently 6:40…

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10 Signs From Vancouver and Bowen Island

4th Apr, 2014

Rand and I have been on the road for a little while, so blog content has been a…

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10 Things You Should Do Before Having Brain Surgery

2nd Mar, 2014

I got an email the other day from someone who was about to have brain surgery. This, in…

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