He’s The Only Star In The Film I Never Made

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Dec 3, 2012

There was a lot of awesomeness happening that night.

I’ve been curating a theatrical trailer for the crazed, unscripted movie that is my life.

It plays whenever I’m prompted to take stock of my existence: on the night before I got married; in the days prior to my surgery; during the one ill-fated evening in a New York hotel that our toilet started to overflow, and I, somewhat irrationally, thought we might die.

(Parenthetically, that latter event has henceforth been known in our house as Apoohcalypse.)

I star in my own trailer, obviously. But I’m also the director, and the producer, and key and dolly and best boy grips (shut up – I do too know what those are). And I’m the editor. As the years pass, I’m constantly leaving scenes on the cutting room floor, and adding new ones.

Many things that seemed significant at the time – in high school, or college, or the grocery store parking lot last week when someone stole my spot – no longer make the cut. But they once did.

The scenes that remain, even after many years, are the more notable moments of my life. The summer when I was 7 that I broke my arm (indeed, to this day, I still can’t touch my right shoulder with my right hand. Which isn’t really an issue unless I have to lead some sort of critical round of “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” where the fate of the free world is at stake. Then we’re all screwed). That time I got sent to the principal when I was in the third grade, in a complete miscarriage of justice. My first kiss. My first heartbreak. My subsequent first eating of two pounds of chocolate as a means of dealing with said heartbreak.

For the last 11 years, this has been my leading man.

This unspeakably awesome photo is courtesy of our friend Rudy Lopez.

11 years. A landmark which we just passed.

I’ve never stuck with anything for 11 years. Not the same haircut. Not the same hobbies. Not the same celebrity crushes (with perhaps the exception of Jeff Goldblum. But he’s dark-haired and long-legged and Jewish. If that’s not a pattern, people, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.)

But then Rand snuck into the picture, and turned the narrative of my life into something far better than what it was.

And events that would have faded into the ether of the past had he not happened, had we not happened, have made it into the trailer. The bus ride on which I bumped into him on a rainy November night. The awkward conversation that followed. Our first date, two weeks later, during which I told myself that I would not kiss him (a resolution that I am pleased to say I kept to for the better part of three hours. I’m know. I’m pretty impressed at my willpower, too.)

We’ve had so much good screen time. So much ridiculousness. So many giggles. So much making out. And so many photographs of said making out.

Hell, he’s changed the whole tone of the film of my life. I’ve found that I’ve had to edit out more and more of the darker vignettes in my memory. All the past heartaches. All the break-ups and the disappointments and tears.

I’ve had to cut a lot of them in post-production to make room for the loveliness of my husband.

And our star-studded supporting cast.

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  • Sarah

    Geraldine, you are SO photogenic. And SO lovely! Thanks for brightening my day.

  • Stephanie Dodson

    I LOVE when you post about your love for you husband.
    It is so pure, and sweet and simply wonderful.

    I wish the two of you nothing but happiness and good times ahead.

  • As a bowtie aficionado I must say that I really like Rand’s bowtie in these photos. Although it appears to be a pre-tied one!!! Oh and you two make a very lovely couple! Also I volunteer to be your gaffer. I have done it before and even have credit on IMDB!

    • Everywhereist

      That is hand-tied. He’s just really, really good at bowtie knots. 🙂 At the end of the night, it was undone around his neck. I swooned.

      • He tied it too perfect. You gotta make it just a tad off so people know that it is a self tie! 🙂 I wear bowties all the time.

  • You guys are the best couple ever! I’m so obsessed! 🙂

    • Everywhereist

      I THINK SO TOO. 😉

  • I tied that bowtie myself! (and am obviously very proud of that fact).

    In the movie of my life, you’re the star, and I’m the schlubby sidekick. I don’t even get to be the comic relief (except for every now and then when I can say something that really gets you) 🙂

    • Nice job! Love the bowtie. But you gotta tie it just a tad off so people will know you tied it yourself. That is a trick I learned from a fellow bowtie wearer in my neighborhood. I usually pull the front end down just a bit or bunch the know a bit so it looks like I tied it myself. I get compliments all the time! I even wear bowties to U of Utah football and basketball games! If you look carefully you can see me on TV 🙂

  • I’m actually most impressed that you met a man on a bus that scary or insane.

    • that *wasn’t* scary or insane! Or, who knows.

      • Everywhereist

        You know what? Either way, it works.

  • Kristina Cline

    Aww! Happy 11! We are on 12 years over here, Married Life is a wonderful thing. I am so happy for your love and both of you know how to work that photobooth!

  • Lil

    awwww…. happy anniversary you guys!!

  • TheOtherLisa

    One of my fondest internet memories is the video of you watching and reacting to his TV commercial proposal. It’s wonderful to see that happy ending is not even close to ending.

    You guys give me a happy.

    • Everywhereist

      “You guys give me a happy.”

      I love that quote, and will reuse it often.

  • allyology

    Lovely. Just lovely!

  • mk

    A beautiful post about your life and your love but also hopeful to those who have yet to find love. Thanks!

  • You have such talent Mrs. Everywhereist. I love creeping on your lively world with Rand. Happy anniversary!

  • Ruth

    Best holiday party ever.

  • val

    Love the photos of you and your leading man.
    If my husband and I story was made a movie I think it be a quirky indi film or maybe a musical

  • Wow! Congrats on the big 11. Also, I remember reading about the Apoohcolypse when it happened…was that when your One Stars met an untimely end? Why I remember that, I have no idea…

  • Maybe you could start a sequel every ten years. Same lovely characters, different decade. My husband and I celebrated 30 years of marriage this year. (How am I even old enough to have been married for 30 years?) We had the chance to experience a lot of those — for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health things as I know you have. Somehow we’ve managed to keep our marriage as a port in the storm(s). I know the two of you sometimes go at it. How could you not when Rand insisted on learning how to drive a stick shift during a short road trip on the Emerald Isle. (I guess I’ve picked sides on that one and I don’t even know you). We managed to be irritable during our Irish road trip and we rented an automatic! So, I’ve totally digressed. Keep adoring eachother. It’s adorable for your faithful readers.

  • Chloe

    Your marriage is a 5th grader!

    • Everywhereist

      Oh, good god …

  • kokopuff

    That is an awesome hat he is wearing. I think it would make a good ice cream bowl.

  • Kay

    This is so precious. Congratulations, you two!


  • I’ve just recently found your blog, and what can I say? It was love at first click! These photos are fantastic. Happy 11 years!!

  • Stef

    You and Rand ought to teach a class on how to make a relationship work. May you have many, many more happy years together!

  • Anisa

    Aww. This is one of my favorite posts. You two make such a great couple. I love the photo booth pics. Those booths are always so fun. Happy Anniversary! I will be celebrating my 14th anniversary in April. Can’t believe it has been that long, but when you have a great man, what can I say? You know what I mean. Here’s to many, many more great years!
    love the bow tie!

  • Lauren

    Every now and then I need a break from whatever is keeping me up late at night, and I always seem to wander to your site. And every time, I am so pleasantly amused by what you have to say. You make me laugh and smile! You make me want to travel the world over and over again! AND you always seem to make my day just a little bit better. My favorite pieces are the stories of you and Rand. Although I don’t know you personally, I am always so affected by the delightfully cute stories you have about him. They make hopeful to have someone that makes me just as happy as Rand makes you! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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