Madrid, Churros, And The Universe

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May 24, 2012

There are times when I feel like maybe I’m asking a little too much of the universe (“Give me an awesome husband, the opportunity to travel around the world, and lots of cupcakes, please. Also, I’d like to meet Jeff Goldblum.”) I try to keep it in check, I really do (notice I didn’t ask for a pony).

Like, for example, when we were in Madrid last month – for a grand total of only 24 hours – I did not have a lot of expectations.

I certainly didn’t think that I would have any time to spend with Rand. Or that he would have a whole afternoon free.

I'm doing this weird thing with my mouth here, but Rand looks really cute so I'm posting it.

Nor did I expect that we’d get perfect weather in which to stroll around downtown.

We aren't actually "strolling" here, but you get the idea: it was lovely out.

I wouldn’t have dreamed that we’d stumble across a Chagall exhibit – one of my husband’s favorite artists, mind you – and that admission would be free – FREE! – and the gallery itself (the Fundacion Caja Madrid) would be uncrowded and spacious. I mean, this isn’t the sort of thing you can demand from the cosmos, right?

This gallery is located near the palace, and I HIGHLY recommend it. It's always free and the exhibits are always excellent.

And while we’re at it, it’s absurd to request that right around the corner would be a churro cafe (WHY IS THIS NOT A THING EVERYWHERE?) serving the fried pastries with a side of hot dipping chocolate. No. I couldn’t dream of such a thing.

He was really, REALLY, really, really happy.

Or that we’d find ourselves at the Puerta del Sol at sunset, and understand why it’s called del sol.

No, no, no. These are not things you can ask of the universe. With all the turmoil and strife and crap that other people have to deal with, you can’t even THINK of putting in such a grand request.

But sometimes the universe delivers, anyway. You get a day filled with sunshine and churros and at the end of it, you find yourselves in the Plaza de Colón. The place where, four years ago, the two of you made out:

Okay, FINE. We aren't making out in this particular photo, but we did make out, back when we were young and gorgeous. Just take my word for it on all accounts.

And you stage a re-enactment, because why not?

Attempts to Photoshop my acne out of this photo were unsuccessful. Focus instead on my gorgeous husband and how great my hair looked.

You can’t ask the universe for this sort of thing. But, oh man, if you get it anyway? All you can do is say “thank you” a million times over. And remember the next time things don’t go your way, you can look back to that sunlit afternoon in Madrid and think:

“It’s cool, universe. I still owe you from that one time … I still owe you big.”

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  • CHURROS AND HOT CHOCOLATE. This is what I look like when green with envy.

  • I actually think your husband looks more gorgeous now than he looked 4 years ago. Experience looks good on a man. And you… well I can’t really tell about you because you’re doing that weird thing with your mouth 🙂

  • Cute post 🙂

    I have a problem with perfect moments – I can’t seem to enjoy them at the fullest, because I always wonder what karma is going to take back from me to pay for that happy moment. And well. That ruins said moment.

  • LolaLavender

    I will be dreaming about churros and chocolate now! looks SO DELICIOUS!

  • Ahhh, such a nice thing to see right now. Madrid has kicked my butt today and I was feeling pretty crappy about it. Now, that I’ve seen this post on my adopted city, its made me forget about the bad day I was having and remember what a great city I live in!

    Thank you!

  • This is like a real life, better, daytime version of that movie Before Sunrise, and for that reason I will be forever jealous of you.

  • Meg

    What a great post! Has me wandering in search of churros and chocolate – YUM. Always great to have one of those charmed days 🙂

  • We have the BLUE Chaggal Windows at the Art Institute in Chicago, my fav.

  • ::LIKE::
    Blog brought a smile to my day. Thank 🙂

  • Have been to this site a couple of times before, never knew this is the website Rand had been talking about so often.. 😛 he rarely mentions the site address..

    BTW.. really amazing post and loved the pics.. inspires me to travel n click more often 🙂

  • Laura

    How is hot dipping chocolate not more of a thing???

  • At 7:26am in Boulder, as I excitedly anticipate a drive to the airport, followed by a flight to Boston, that will result in me being reacquainted with Amy for what will begin a 90 day stretch of time together all day, every day (almost), this made me smile a huge smile.

    And always, always ask for a pony. You never know what will happen.

    • Everywhereist

      That is adorable.

      Also, confession: kind of scared of ponies. There. I said it.

  • I need to finds churros STAT.

  • love this post, love that chocolate, love the pics, love the love, and love that you not only talk to the universe, but you put it in writing. i think we could be bffs in my universe. fo sho!

  • Meeting Jeff Goldblum would be awesome!

    Love the chocolate and churros combo. Heading there in July so might have to seek this spot out 🙂

  • Tom Bourlet

    Hot…Dipping…Chocolate….Ah man, jealousy is kicking in now!! I’ve never heard of Churros before, but now I’m set on finding somewhere that offers this in Brighton/London!

  • Tom Bourlet

    Oh, and one other thing, where was the Churros place in Madrid?
    If I visit I reaaaally don’t want to miss out on this place!

  • Alex

    Just started reading your blog. Love the down to earth outlook and humor on everything. Going to Europe for the first time this August and I am definitely adding this to the list of places I would like to visit. Excited to keep reading about all of your travels!

  • Oh that is a PERFECT day. wow.

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