Madrid: Then and Now

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May 29, 2012
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Our most recent trip to Madrid was our first visit to the city in four years. The last time we were there – in 2008 – Rand and I were still engaged; I’d just been laid off, and idea of starting a blog hadn’t even entered my mind. I finally went through the photos I took from that trip, and starting thing about how much we – and the circumstances around us – had changed in that time.

Apparently, I used to be camera-shy.

No, like, really camera shy:

And my face looks much fuller then that it does now. It had that roundness of youth that slowly migrates out of your face and moves down to your ass as you get older.

And his beard was less gray …

And goodness, his hair.

And yet other things seem remarkably unchanged by time. Like our tendency to order multiple desserts. We had that even then.

Or the achieving of transcendence over a cup of gelato.

My inclination towards earrings the size of salad plates continues, even today.

And then there’s all this nonsense:

Which seems to show no signs of stopping.

Oh, well. I’m sure we’ll come to our senses of one these decades.

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  • Don’t you dare come to your senses!

    • Angela

      Yah! Don’t come to your senses – those are the sweetest pictures 🙂

  • Don’t you dare “come to your senses.” You two are adorable, and I love traveling with you all over the world!

    (I just looked up and realized that two other people have already said what I just said. DON’T CARE, STILL POSTING. If you hear it enough, you’ll know we mean it!)

  • Colleen

    Rand’s hair looks great either way, but I prefer the longer (because that’s my personal preference with men). And don’t you two dare “come to your senses”, because you’re both too cute when you’re being lovey-dovey.

  • Jane Babich

    Please don’t… stay crazy in love! But it is good to reflect back and see the differences, and treasure those things that have not changed. It helps us to appreciate right where we are. You, camera shy… now that is one of those changes that is to the good.

  • If you come to your senses I’ll stop reading your blog. I’m serious…

  • Mike

    very nice.. our wedding anniversary’s coming soon.. might be great to surprise my wife with a trip to Madrid.. hmm.. 😉

  • Sue Cohen

    YOU were NEVER camera shy! And those pictures…adorable. xo

  • coming to one’s senses is mega overrated. so is being a grown up. embrace your inner love birds. it might not keep the youth in your face, but it will keep it in your heart, and that my friends, is what counts most!

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