Standing Up For Yourself As a Woman...

4th Feb, 2016

The prescription says “post coital.” It actually says that on the bottle. When the doctor told me my instructions for taking the antibiotic, I sincerely did not think that he…

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A Thank You Letter to The Mother of a...

26th Jan, 2016

Last week, a dear friend of mine from childhood texted me to let me know that her mother had died. I’d known her – and, by extension, her mother – since…

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Establishing a Peace Accord Between...

25th Jan, 2016

When you are my age, everyone starts caring about your uterus. Not in a fun way, where they send it text messages or memes featuring shirtless Jeff Goldblum circa Jurassic…

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The rough draft is done. It’s 95% new content, 20% potty humor, 10% cupcakes. Jeff Goldblum is mentioned twice.

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