Superfluous Travel Item I Need (Kinda): Pajama Jeans

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Feb 11, 2010
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The other day, fellow blogger and copywriter Philip posted this to his Facebook account:

You can tell hes an ad man.

You can tell he's an ad man.

I nearly peed from laughing and from sheer joy. Because “F*ck it, I give up” very often becomes my fashion motto roughly halfway through a trip. I start out hopeful. Delusional even. I bring three-inch heels and convince myself that I will wear them all over <insert foreign city here>. A few hours later, I have given up almost entirely on looking presentable, and find myself licking the stain on my sweater to determine what it was (jam, in case you were wondering).

This happens again and again.

And now there are pajama jeans. For those who want the ill-fitting, droopy-ass look of pajamas, with the glamour of denim!

I can’t get these, right? Because then I might actually wear them, and that would be very, very wrong. Hygienically, the idea of sleeping in something, wearing it out and about, and then sleeping in it, again, is kind of horrifying.

And yet, isn’t that what happens with any item of clothing I wear on flights?

Besides, if I’m going to give up on looking fashionable and not care at all what I look like on a trip, shouldn’t I at least be comfortable?

Honestly, I think these are a revelation. They’re the sort of thing that could only exist in the great, great nation that is America. We’re the home of chocolate-covered bacon, Cop Rock, and now sleepwear pretending to be pants.

The last time I was this impressed with a piece of clothing disguised as yet another piece of clothing was when those t-shirts that look like tuxedos first came out. Remember?

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Maybe I’ll pair one with my jean-jamas.

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  • I would pay cash money to see you in pajama jeans and a screen-printed tuxedo t-shirt. In fact, I would even buy them for you if you promised to be photographed wearing them (together!) in public. Preferably on foreign soil. We could even add those messed up Skechers “Shape Ups” shoes to complete the Awesome Apparel Hat-Trick.

  • Please buy a pair and do a product review! I’m a disgusting traveller. I once had a ticket to the Air Canada Lounge on a return trip from Paris, so I went wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt while everyone else were in suits. I loved it.

  • O.M.G….chocolate covered bacon? I am going to order some of that.

  • Dee

    PajamaPants: I remember my mom with a pair similar 20 years ago. So this isn’t new. I thought she was “dorky” at the time, but now that I’m olde, comfort is whats its all about for me now.

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