Embers Restaurant, and the Most Wonderful Toilet in the World.

20th Feb, 2015

Later, when we talked about that dinner, we spoke with reverence of many things. The sky. The lanterns.…

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Groundhog Day, British Airways, and a Gift of 24 Hours.

29th Feb, 2012

- “There is never enough time,” Rand is fond of telling me, and I nod in agreement. It…

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Life at Home: Decapitated Snowman Cake

16th Jan, 2012

Yesterday, it snowed in Seattle. This is a rarity in the Pacific Northwest. We’re no strangers to precipitation,…

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Brown Betty Dessert Boutique: Home of the Best Cupcake. EVER.

5th Dec, 2011

- It is late Sunday night, and I’m staring at my computer screen, trying to figure where the…

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Zach Anner: The Best Thing to Happen To Travel, Maybe Ever.

29th Nov, 2011

The inner workings of my soul and a dark and hostile place. My husband has been with me…

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Strawberry Hostess Cupcakes? SINCE WHEN?

23rd Aug, 2011

I’d like to think that I’m pretty up-to-speed on important, world-changing events. I read reddit daily. I’m following…

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Awesome move, Kimpton hotels

7th Oct, 2010

I may have sustained a serious bump on my head during our last stay at a Kimpton hotel,…

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Changing the name on a ticket, without fees

30th Sep, 2010

- Disclaimer from my legal team (a.k.a., the voice inside my head that’s see one too many episodes…

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