Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery, London

23rd Apr, 2013

- Do you remember the interstitial sketch from Monty Python where John Cleese would say, “And now for…

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WTF Weds: Cockney Rhyming Slang

30th May, 2012

Words are funny little things. I know, because I spend most of my days wrestling with them, trying…

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10 Photos of London

20th Dec, 2011

It seems like my trip to London happened ages ago, and not just a few weeks back. I…

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The London Riots, and Reflections on Seattle’s WTO Protest

9th Aug, 2011

- Like most of you, I’ve been following the news about the riots in London. I’ve seen the…

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London calling

14th Dec, 2010

I should warn you right now: I am feeling miserably sentimental. Seriously – my brain is a squishy…

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Let me eat (English Wedding) cake.

5th Aug, 2010

I love cake. More than anything in the world, really (with one glaring exception). I am obsessed with…

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The difference between England, Britain, and the United Kingdom (and a few other places, too)

4th Feb, 2010

The other day we were hanging out with some friends – some American, some not, and we realized…

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