The Decline of the Khmer Rouge, and Its Legacy

24th Jul, 2014

It’s funny (well, not funny, but you know – interesting) that even as I’m researching this stuff, I…

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The Reign of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia

22nd Jul, 2014

Yesterday, I discussed the political situation in Cambodia that allowed for the Khmer Rouge to rise to power.…

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The Rise to Power of The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia

20th Jul, 2014

Lesson 1: The Khmer Rouge. It seems pointless to tell you about Cambodia without first going into the…

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10 People Who You Probably Didn’t Know Had Airports Named for Them

24th Mar, 2014

Note: I realize that the title of this entry is grammatically … problematic. But I’m crazy tired and…

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O’Hare, de Gaulle, LaGuardia: Airports and Their Namesakes

17th Mar, 2014

The motivation for this post begins nearly a decade ago, which is kind of amazing, if you think…

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A Not-So-Brief History of Apartheid in South Africa

11th Apr, 2013

- After we returned to Cape Town, Rand and I took a township tour. I think, without hyperbole,…

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The Troubles in Northern Ireland, Continued

13th Nov, 2012

If you are just popping into my blog, welcome! I am currently in the midst of trying to…

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The Troubles in Ireland: The Beginning

12th Nov, 2012

- After my tome about Irish history, I’ve managed to avoid serious discussion or mention of Irish politics…

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