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My brain is a weensy bit fried. I’m in California, so blogging will be a little slow/light for the rest of the week. I’m visiting my aunt who just had heart surgery yesterday (and since I know you guys will ask, because you are thoughtful like that, she is doing wonderfully. Thank you for your concern.)

My mom has barely left her side, and I’ve been keeping the two of them company as best I can. This means that for the past 2 days, the three of us have been hanging out in the ICU (my mom even spends the night there). My aunt has spent much of this time sleep off her anesthesia.


I know this picture is blurry, but it’s still kind of magical. My mom was angry because I was doing dishes in her house.


Dear Mom,

Please don’t read this post, okay? No, no, it’s not because I talk about how crazy you are. Sheesh, mom … Yes, I know you aren’t crazy. Yes, I realize I make you out to be crazier than you actually are on the blog. The reason I don’t want you to read this post is because it’s about your Mother’s Day gift. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, right? Of course we don’t.

So go browse some other site, okay? Like Facebook! You love Facebook.


My dear, confusing mother.


I’ve just returned from California. I spent several days spent in the company of my family, which is always a fascinating experience. Nothing makes me question reality more.

I’ve tried explaining to my friends that my relations see things differently than the rest of the world, but my point is often lost.

“All families are insane,” they say, nodding sympathetically. And then they’ll tell me about some aunt of theirs with an excessive collection of hat pins and no hats, and laugh at how ridiculous the whole thing is.

Hat pins! How delightfully zany!


Valentine’s Day is approaching, so I figured I’d take a moment to acknowledge some of the people in my life who I love.

Because even though she’s occasionally certifiable, I love my mom.

I like this photo of her, but shed probably hate it. Good thing she doesnt know about my blog.

I like this photo of her, but she'd probably hate it. Good thing she doesn't know about my blog.

And since I alluded to it in an earlier post, I think I should tell you about the time she yelled at Rick Steves. (more…)