10 Photos from New York

17th Oct, 2013

We weren’t in New York long. Just enough time for a trip to a few museums, a show,…

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New York City Sanitation

16th Jun, 2011

- I owe my husband a thank you. Without him, I might have gotten cholera, or bed bugs,…

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The Museum of Sex: A prude’s impression (NSFW)

27th Apr, 2010

Please, Please do not read this post at work. Or around children. Or your mom. The photos included…

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The Chelsea Modern Art Scene

23rd Oct, 2009

I can appreciate modern art. I won’t stand in front of a painting and discuss, seemingly to no…

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Goog and The Coop, and other cultural enrichments

22nd Oct, 2009

The Guggenheim and the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum on New York’s Upper East Side don’t seem to get as…

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