Cambodia Lesson #13

31st Jul, 2014

You guys …

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Scenes from Positano, Italy.

26th Jun, 2014

Positano. Teal door. Brown eyes. Handlebar mustache.  

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Gratuitous Kissy-Face Photo, Ravello,...

19th Jun, 2014

Sigh. Yes. Another kissy face photo. Why? Because I’m leaving for Cambodia on Friday, and I won’t see him for nearly three weeks. Because it’s one of my favorite pictures…

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Dinner On Our Hotel Balcony, Amalfi

18th Jun, 2014

The evening after you get back from Ravello, and your cab driver has just ripped you off to the tune of 20 euros, you will not feel much like spending…

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Scenes From Ravello, Italy

17th Jun, 2014

I may have given you the impression that the only thing to see in Ravello is the Villa Rufolo. And that’s not entirely right. Sure, the Villa is the full-sized…

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Rand, 3 Minutes Alone With My Camera,...

9th Jun, 2014

“I have to run to the bathroom. Here, hold my camera.” “Okay.” “Wait, why are you smiling?” “Huh? No reason.”  

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Scenes From A Nighttime Walk, Amalfi

3rd Jun, 2014

In Italian, because when in Rome Amalfi … La fontana:

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The Village at Nightime

2nd Jun, 2014

At nighttime, the village glowed yellow as the light bounced off the stone walls and roads.   It felt like the set of a movie. And I kept chasing the…

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Giggling at the Fountains in Italy

19th May, 2014

Sometimes I think I have the maturity level of an 11-year-old. Other times, I am absolutely convinced of it. We’ll be walking around someplace beautiful, and instead of taking in…

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