Pitch Me, Baby, One More Time: I Reply to More Spammy Requests

19th Mar, 2014

I am at it again. Spending way too much time replying to spammy requests for guests posts or…

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Pitch, Please: I Respond to More Emails That I Should Probably Ignore

24th Feb, 2014

After the delightful success of my email conversations with Ted (spoiler: we’re now totally besties, and talking about…

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PR People Are People, Too.

19th Feb, 2014

Isn’t it kind of amazing how we occasionally forget that we’re all people? It happens all the time.…

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WTF Weds: This is What Happens When You Pitch Shitty Products To Me

2nd Oct, 2013

… I go on what I like to call a “rage bender.” On any given day, despite my…

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Pitch Be Crazy (or How I Respond to PR Emails)

12th Jun, 2012

As a writer, I am constantly concerned that something big might escape my notice, and when a new…

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