Gratuitous Kissy-Face Photo, Ravello, Italy

19th Jun, 2014

Sigh. Yes. Another kissy face photo. Why? Because I’m leaving for Cambodia on Friday, and I won’t see…

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Dinner On Our Hotel Balcony, Amalfi

18th Jun, 2014

The evening after you get back from Ravello, and your cab driver has just ripped you off to…

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The Cemetery in Amalfi: A First Failed Attempt

5th Jun, 2014

  Honestly, if I think about it, it’s a miracle Rand and I end up anywhere. Because so…

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The Castle That I Don’t Remember

29th May, 2014

Going to the castle made me sad. Not because I didn’t have fun. I had a lovely time.…

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Warning Signs in Italy

27th May, 2014

My family has trouble following directions. I’m not entirely sure if it’s a my family thing, or an…

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The Archaeologists in My Aunt’s Yard

22nd May, 2014

I wish I had taken more photos of the archaeologists in my aunt’s yard, but I was too…

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Marciano, My Second Cousin, and The One With the Hair

21st May, 2014

Yesterday, I may have exaggerated slightly when I said that I found my aunt’s home all by myself.…

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In Frigento, Behind the Green Door

20th May, 2014

  “What’s the address?” Rand asked. I shrugged. “No idea.” “Is it on this street?” “I think so?…

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