A Near-Miss At Paradise Point Resort, San Diego

11th Nov, 2013

I’m sorry for the lull in blogging, and the long delay in recounting the highlights of our Philly…

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10 Photos from our California trip

3rd Mar, 2011

Yesterday, I visited my mother at her home 20 minutes south of Seattle. As I left, I noticed…

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Dick Move, TSA (R.I.P. Rand’s laptop)

16th Feb, 2011

- I’d like to take a few moments to remember, with extreme fondness, Rand’s dear departed laptop. It…

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Unhappy with your hotel room? Grab your camera.

14th Feb, 2011

The nice thing about the amount that Rand and I travel is that it’s made me less fussy…

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An unfavorable light.

1st Feb, 2011

Our trip to San Diego last over the holidays was marred with some heinous weather. It rained, for…

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10 photos from our San Diego, CA trip

4th Jan, 2011

I am sick. Like, wrapped up in a promotional Snuggie given to me after one of my husband’s…

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My family is nuts: the Christmas edition

3rd Jan, 2011

I have much to tell you. There are still trips from 2010 that I have yet to blog…

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WTF Wednesday: My family is trying to kill me.

17th Nov, 2010

I love my family. And I’m fairly convinced that at least some of them love me. Nevertheless, it…

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