Sneaking Up on Spring Bok in South Africa

30th Mar, 2015

Sometimes I am inclined to sit and reflect upon the goals for adulthood that I had as a…

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Blomvlei Primary School, Cape Town, South Africa

23rd Feb, 2015

Note: I wanted to share photos of the kids from the school we visited in South Africa but I…

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Embers Restaurant, and the Most Wonderful Toilet in the World.

20th Feb, 2015

Later, when we talked about that dinner, we spoke with reverence of many things. The sky. The lanterns.…

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Our Dinner With T-Rex.

18th Feb, 2015

“Jack, look! A lizard! What should we name him?” “T-Rex.”

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The Inevitability of Red Wine

11th Feb, 2015

My husband has a habit of wearing his nicest clothes around his favorite toddlers, and after I found myself scrubbing…

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The Crystal Pools, Bushman’s Kloof, South Africa

10th Feb, 2015

Not every element of our trip in Bushman’s Kloof was Jack-proof.   When Reggie, our field guide, told…

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Bushman’s Kloof: The Day Marshall Found the Tortoise

5th Feb, 2015

When you have a wonderful trip, it is incredibly hard to remember one distinct day, because they all…

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Rand(om) Pictures From Bushman’s Kloof

4th Feb, 2015

Warning: Today’s post is all about me gushing over my husband. The jaded and cynical may want to…

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