The Week: October 18, 2013

18th Oct, 2013

I love fall. I LOVE it. Especially when we actually get fall-like conditions, and not just, say, more…

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The Week: September 27, 2013

26th Sep, 2013

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and tried to figure out where I…

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The Week: September 20, 2013

20th Sep, 2013

I feel like the March Hare, running around in a frenzy – no time to say hello, goodbye!…

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The Week: August 2, 2013

2nd Aug, 2013

Journal of a cold, Day 8:  I am still sick. The illness that has taken root in my…

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The Week: July 26, 2013

26th Jul, 2013

This week wasn’t that different than any other. Anthony Weiner got caught sexting (again). I made a fool…

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The Week: May 3, 2013

3rd May, 2013

It is going to be 80 degrees in the Pacific Northwest this weekend. EIGHTY FRIGGIN DEGREES. The weather…

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The Week: April 26, 2013

26th Apr, 2013

I just got back to Seattle yesterday, after spending a week in Los Angeles with family – including…

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The Week: April 19, 2013

19th Apr, 2013

Good heavens. It’s been a rough few days. I hope you are all well. I hope you are…

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