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Hello. My name is Geraldine, and I am a drama geek.

It’s been nearly a month since my last play. I’m handling it okay, but I really, really want to see a show. I’ll take whatever you’ve got: off-off-off-broadway, improv, even a secular “winter concert” at an elementary school. SOMETHING. Anything.

Over the years, I’m scrimped and saved, even hawked clothing to be able to afford theater tickets. I’ve even dragged my friends and family into my addiction, forcing them to go to plays and shows with me.

And I know that, no matter how hard I try, I will be a drama geek all my life.

It’s what compelled me to do the backstage tour at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last summer; it’s why I dragged Rand and our friend Ben to a miserable performance of Endgame in London’s west end last year; and it’s why I finally made a pilgrimage to Shakespeare’s Globe theater in London a few weeks back.

It's hiding behind those trees there. Apparently the theater is camera-shy.

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A few months ago, we went to London so Rand could get some work done, and I could roam around the city and do fuck-all.

My life is good.

Our lovely friend Ben was with us, as he works with Rand, and their London colleagues needed him to reach things on the top shelf. No, wait. That wasn’t it. No. They needed Ben to provide the sort of unique and brilliant insight only he can offer. Besides that, he is very tall. Behold:

The title of this photo is Tiny Everywhereist, Tall Ben

The title of this photo is "Tiny Everywhereist, Tall Ben"

Okay, fine, so maybe, just maybe, I’m crouching in the above photo for dramatic effect. Ben isn’t quite that tall, but when you see the real photo of me standing next to him, it isn’t that dramatically different:

I like how hes looking down at me, somewhat bemused.

I like how he's looking down at me, somewhat bemused. "HOW'S THE WEATHER DOWN THERE? HA HA HA HA."