The 5 Worst Movies I’ve Ever Seen on Airplanes (in haiku form)

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Sep 1, 2009
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Raising Helen

Photo courtesy of derek7272, via

Photo courtesy of derek7272, via


Successful woman

inherits brats, loses job …

and is now happy?


Bad career move, Kate

Stupid is as stupid does

now applies to you.



Photo courtesy of eugeneflores, via

Photo courtesy of eugeneflores, via


A huge green monster

really trashing my town

is better than this.


Matthew Broderick

is some sort of scientist

Then I fell asleep.


Marie Antoinette

Photo courtesy of krzakptak, via

Photo courtesy of krzakptak, via


Such wooden acting.

Why the eff are there Converse?

This makes no sense.


Kiki Dunst can’t act.

King Schwartzman can’t get it up.

Neat costumes, at least.


Fever Pitch

Photo courtesy of Oscalito, via

Photo courtesy of Oscalito, via


Idiot man-child

sabatoges his love life

for a baseball team.


Cute Drew Barrymore

plays a high-powered exec?

That is comical.



Photo courtesy of jquiz, via

Photo courtesy of jquiz, via


Shia and Megan

are out-acted by robots.

Nice chemistry, kids.


Childhood memory

prostituted like a whore.

Less than meets the eye.

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