The Week: April 19, 2013

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Apr 19, 2013

Good heavens. It’s been a rough few days. I hope you are all well. I hope you are all safe, and warm, and that your loved ones are, too.

Stuff remains crazy this morning, as it has been all week. I’ve tried to find some fun, pithy links to include in this roundup, but those have been hard to come by this week. It hasn’t really been a fun, pithy week, has it?

While it seems like today would be a great day for diversions … but I keep frantically looking for more news coming out of Boston. Here’s my best attempt at the links for this week.


As usual, the Onion makes a few poignant comments about this week.


Donald Glover talks about some of the responses he got on his campaign to be the next Spiderman. And really, why the hell can’t Peter Parker be black?


Boston is eerily deserted right now. It makes me realize how much life and beauty the city usually has.


I had an interview with the awesome folks from Maptia, and they even let me ramble on about Jeff Goldblum. Oh, and also the city of San Francisco.


This is simply beautiful: a daughter’s tribute to her father, who underwent a sex change.


Two Philly news anchors go into laughing fits after interviewing Olympian Ryan Lochte. While I don’t condone making fun of stupid people … oh, man. The kid is just … not intellectual. Wow. Just watch it.


This video of the national anthem being performed at a Boston Bruins game this week will make your day. Really.


My friend Celeste wrote a beautiful essay about how difficult times make her want to hold her children even tighter – but sometimes the kids don’t exactly want to cooperate. And that’s okay, too.


This week, the Brooklyn Academy of Music was lit up with messages of support for Boston from the city of New York. Read the story behind this heartfelt display of street art.


From the Everywhereist archives: I fall in love with my husband all over again on the Longfellow Bridge.


A new commercial (from K-Mart, of all places) features a bunch of customers excited about the prospect of “shipping their pants.” I particularly love the grey haired couple who notes how convenient it is to ship their pants.


Sigh. That’s it for me this week. Next week I’ll be in L.A., visiting my nephew, who’s pretty much the best kid on the planet. After the last few days, I really can’t wait to see his face.

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  • Ahlam from Boston here… Yes, it has been a sad week indeed. But I do think it’s best to highlight the positive, and thank the first responders for their courage and help, the runners who finished the 26.2 mile race and continued 2 more miles to the nearest hospital to donate blood, and the average everyday people who stood by the wounded and saved their lives.

    People like that are the reason why we will move forward.

  • Regarding the images of Boston, the first photo is of Central Square, which is near my home. People are starting to come out now, despite the lock-down. But still, everything is closed, quiet, unnatural….

  • Andi

    Love your interview about San Francisco! Born and raised in the Bay Area and I sometimes take for granted how lucky I am and what a beautiful place it is. I’m 25 and I just visited Alcatraz for the first time last month, highly recommend it as well!
    Taking advantage of the gorgeous 80degree weather this weekend!

  • Melissa

    Thank you! I needed that laughter!! And, the bit of pride for the folks at the Bruins game.

    I’m an hour away from Boston and couldn’t watch local TV at all. It was just too sad for me. It is late Friday night and the second guy is caught. People down in the Boston area can leave their homes and start to live again. But this horror probably won’t go away as fast.

  • The post-Lochte interview is hilarious. I’m trying to find a reason for why it’s so funny that doesn’t involve poor Ryan Lochte, who pretty much signed up to be publicly ridiculed when he took up the reality show business, but who I feel sorry for nonetheless.

    I think I’m laughing more at the anchors cracking up than at him, their laughter is so genuinely alive, out of control, and infectious. That’s my attempt at justification anyway!

    There is a bright side for him, if he can see it. He’s getting some really good free publicity out of it.

    I almost shipped my pants when I saw the Kmart ad!

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